Bhāshā Sāgār

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Nurture your curiosity to

learn, explore and experience

the kaleidecope of Indian heritage !

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Connect with your heritage !

Heritage is the pivotal link between Past-Present-Future, that allows you to look backward, inward and forward.
Broaden your horizons to appreciate plethora of perspectives, thoughts and approaches. 
Learning a heritage is essential to brining people closer to one another.
Let's embrace this diverse abundance of wisdom.



Our Inspiration !

Language is medium to share, connect and collaborate.

In sanskrit, Bhāshā in means language and Sāgār means sea.

The concept of Bhāshā Sāgār ideated with creating a community learning platform for languages.

As our community continues to grow, we deep dive to introduce new and fun ways to befriend Indian heritage! 


Bhāshā Sāgār is a humble endeavor for its curious learners

to reignite the quest for learning, exploring and experiencing Indian legacy!